Official Transfer Budget 2013/14

The official budget for the next season has been released by Javier Faus, Vice President of Football Club Barcelona. The club is under scrutiny from UEFA Financial Fair Play rule, after spending massively on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Alexis Sanchez, Alex Song, and Cesc Fabregas.

Javier Faus, FC Barcelona Economics Affairs Vice President, announced that the transfer budget will not exceed €60 million for 2013/14 season. Barcelona spent €105 million Euros within two consecutive seasons. Alexis Sanchez, Alex Song and Cesc Fabregas cost the club €97.16 million, plus all the wages that needed to be cut from the transfer fee for the Guardiola's new season and bonuses after the 2011 Champions League Triumph.

"Barcelona can't continue to keep surpassing the budget mark." said Faus, and then went on to explaining the debt, "when we started (current Board of Directors term) the clubs debt was at €420 million Euros, and now it is at €340 million Euros."

Budget for Football Club Barcelona for 2013-2014 year




Net Budget

Allocated Football Revenue

€14.1 Million

€3.3 million

€10.8 million

Player on Loan 2012-13

€7.9 Million

€ 0

€7.9 Million

Yearly Club Allocation Budget

€31 Million

Allocated to other[1]      €2 Million

€29 Million

Post Tax Sales Allocation

€8.2 Million


€8.2 Million

Total Budget for FCB

€61.2 Million

- €5.3 Million

€55.9 Million Euros

Sandro Rosell was also able to shed some light on his policy of transfer, "40 million profit will equal 40 million transfer budget," but he didn't stop there, "The average amount of money spent on new signings for this year and over the next few years will be €40 million Euros a year. If we spend only €10 million in one year, we will have €40 million plus €30 million more to spend on the next year, and vice versa."

According to the statement, Barcelona's transfer budget for this year would have been no more than €9 million Euros, but the sheer management and popularity of the club brings in increasing revenue each year. For now, Barcelona have handled themselves from a football turmoil, the era is not over

Approximation of Transfer throughout 2013/14 Season

The Future~: The sale of David Villa (€12m)~[98%], Isaac Cuenca* (€5m)~[81%], Ibrahim Affelay (€16m)~[100%], Fabregas (€32m)~[79%], Fontas* (€2.5)~[32%], Valdez (€11m)~[87%], Alves (€7m)~[8%], and Pedro** (€17m)~[31%].

Key: [possibility of transferin percent (%)] *Loan Offer   **Buy Back—Exchange

Possible Transfer Sale

Aggregated Fund towards club debt (88%)

Wages (€) (71%)


€102.5 Million Euros

€90.2 Million Euros

€8.733 Million Euros


If the following players are sold for their maximum price, as listed above, then: the Approximate Grand Total of 2013/14 Transfer Budget:€59.46 million Euros just to spend on players.

At a financial point of view, the clubs debt will reduce from €340 million Euros to €249.8 million Euros approximately in the next 2 to 3 years if the club doesn't over spend the revenue generated in other areas. The major overhaul of Camp Nou is now postponed to 2016.