Barcelona confirm their first signing of the new season. Gerard Duelofeu will become Barcelona's new wide man at the age of just 19. 

It has only been 2 days since Barcelona lost out to Bayern in the Champions League semi-final. Thursday May 2nd, Sandro Rosell promised the fans that a major spending spree is on the way, with the club budget well managed. Speculations regarding new players have been spreading around the world like flame. The club has shortlisted a few players they would like to bring, but the fans on the other hand have listed Thiago Silva, Mats Hummels, Neymar, David Luiz, Guita, Aguero, return of Yaya Toure, Lewandowski, and Sergio Ramos.

With the departure of Affelay, Isaac Cuenca, Dos Santos, David Villa, Fabregas, possibly Alves and Sanchez, Barcelona will strengthen the youth, and add more experience to the starting lineup.

The club has announced that they are now in negotiations with Duelofeu's father over his future into the first team. His promotion from the B team will bring hope for the senior squad, and future of the Blaugrana. As soon as the league has been won, Barcelona is planning to promote Duelofeu and take him on the summer tour.

It seem unreasonable to let the 19 year old stay in the B team for another year of development, as Manchester City, United, Liverpool, and Arsenal have been eyeing Gerard since the beginning of this year. Txixi at City has been pushing to lure in the youngster and create a new project with Aguero, Duelofeu and Tevez in a 4-1-2-3 formation, with the young boy playing on the left wing.

Barcelona will not hesitate to promote the right-footed Messi as he would replace departing David Villa and Sanchez, while Tello will occupy the right flank giving Pedro a breather.

The Catalan born winger is just like Messi, as he doesn't like to play close to the touch line, and likes to use his dominant right foot to cut in and leave a thunderous mark at the back of the net. His presence in the first team will start to reflect just how important he is as soon as the summer trip is over, and the league is underway. With no doubt, Gerard will become, not only a clinical goal scorer, but also a great play maker. His great sense of positioning, and goal scoring ability will help Barcelona keep a strong squad with a lot of option.

In all, Barcelona should try to retain all their youth, and promote them to the first team, and when they can't perform well, they can sell them. Buying Fabregas was a very emotional value to the Catalan side, but in all, the transfer was wasted as Fabregas couldn't perform that well on club level, as he did for Arsenal, and country, Spain.

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